Disclaimer; I'm a Product Manager at a Backend-as-a-Service company competing with Firebase...

Absolutely was the wrong tool chosen for the job, which the author very willingly admits. That said, this story of trying to scale of startup leveraging Firebase and then experiencing struggles with scalability and extracting data insights/analytics is extremely, extremely common. While Firebase is an amazing product, it's limitations are not widely considered or understood - which makes this story/article really helpful for someone exploring a tech-stack for their next project.

Questions for the author:

1) Has your experience with Firebase left a bad taste in your mouth when it comes to BaaS's in general?

2) Did you move to another managed service?

3) What technologies did you end up adopting to mature your project?

4) Approximately how long and how much did you end up investing to "re-write" your product?


Definitions for Demos, MVPs and Full-builds to help you determine which one your startup needs

Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

Word definitions are really, really important. When I ask the barista for my “large cold-brew, no milk and no sugar” each morning, 2-minutes later I’ll have exactly what I asked for. The reason that works isn’t because they are a barista or I am a cafe patron. …

Using serverless functions to stand up REST endpoints on an 8base Workspace

By default, the 8base platform auto-generates an extremely powerful GraphQL API that gives you immediate API access to your data. Sometimes though, developers are using a 3rd party service or another tool that doesn’t easily support the authoring and execution of GraphQL queries. …

Building Web Applications on Webflow using custom JavaScript

There are many amazing low-code and no-code development tools available today. Whether it’s for a non-technical person needing to bridge their skill gap or a technical person that can realize a productivity boost, such tools are quickly reshaping the world’s conception of Who, What, and How software gets developed. …

Low-code and no-code technologies have enabled everybody to build business software and apps

The proliferation of low-code and no-code technologies during the last several years has been profound. Across the globe, more and more people that don’t possess traditional computer science backgrounds or coding experience are able to ideate and implement software projects. …

Setup a registration and authorization system for connected devices using GraphQL, Javascript, and Serverless Functions.

When we think of authorization in app development, it’s usually from the perspective of a user that has specific roles and permissions. For example, a fitness app that tracks a user’s workouts might allow an Athlete (user role) to create journal entries, as well only read their own journal entries…

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