What Actually Makes Demos, MVPs and Full-products Different?

Definitions for Demos, MVPs and Full-builds to help you determine which one your startup needs

Demos, MVPs, and Full-products

A constant source mis-alignment and mis-understanding between my clients and I arises when the words Demo, MVP, and Full-product get used. That mis-alignment and mis-understanding is not because my clients have wrong definitions for each of these words. Instead, it’s because almost every client I interact with has a different definition for these words. As a result, these words are, respectfully, rendered useless.


Minimum Viable Product (MVP)


Final Thoughts

As progressive and open-minded as the startup world is, it can also be very dogmatic. There’s a strong bias towards adopting something a prominent venture capitalist says during a talk — or a clever Tweet from the hottest unicorn’s founder — as gold-plated guidance for any startup under the sun. Particularly when the blogosphere re-words, re-publishes, and repeats it to feed the content monster.

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